Services offered


We are a full-service house-call practice
providing the following services:

• Preventative Care: puppy health checks, vaccinations, parasite control, and micro-chipping.

• Surgical Services: includes not only spays/neuters, but also laceration repairs, skin mass removals, and other routine surgeries.

• Internal Medicine: Blood/lab tests, x-rays, fluid therapy, antibiotics, out- patient medications and treatment are all available.

• Dermatology Cases: Dr. Bob has long been known for successful treatment of allergies, hot spots, infections, and other chronic skin and ear problems.

• Dental Services: treatment and cleanings are available with or without anesthesia (for our cooperative patients.)

• Senior Pet Care: services are offered to help older pets stay active and have a great quality of life in their later years.

• In-Home Euthanasia: care of your pet at the end of their life is handled with compassion, with dignity, and in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Several after-care options are available.