Who is Dr. Bob?


Dr. Robert "Bob" Hildreth, DVM

Born and raised in California, Dr Bob has been working with animals in veterinary clinics since he was 15 years old. His entire life, it seems, has been committed to veterinary medicine.

Dr Bob graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelors of Science degree before being awarded his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from UC Davis in 1994.

During his formal education and continuing today, Dr Bob takes a special interest in dog and cat internal medicine, dermatology, anesthesia, and working with exotic cats and aquatic animals.

Dr Bob spent 2 years early in his career working as an emergency doctor in Orange County, and eventually opened his own dog and cat and practice in Irvine. The practice grew quickly, but after 8 years of commuting to Orange County from his ranch in Murrieta, he decided he needed to spend more time with his family and own animals and less time commuting, and subsequently sold the Irvine practice.

La Cresta Veterinary Services arose from his friends and neighbors calling on him to help with the medical needs of the neighborhood’s pets. After several years of doing this, Dr Bob decided to make it his full time occupation, and now enjoys making house-calls to our clients and their four legged family members.